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Points of view

* MAY I first of all applaud the TES initiative in encouraging children in this country to raise funds to help provide education for the children of Afghanistan. Their plight is desperate.

I was made aware of the TES project, and the accompanying title of Children Helping Children, when I visited one of our Catholic schools last week. There was a degree of confusion in the school about what was happening.

The trouble is that the Catholic Church's overseas charity for children, Mission Together (traditionally known as Holy Childhood), which was founded 160 years ago, has used the motto, Children Helping Children since its inception. The motto is in use worldwide and is in fact the title given to the charity in some countries.

I would like to point out to TES readers that these two good causes are not in any way connected. I am sure your project title was adopted in all good faith and obviously we would want to see your project flourish because the need is so great.

Irene Donnelly National co-ordinator Mission Together 3 Old School Lane Chesterfield

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