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Points of view

* I refer to your article regarding St James Catholic high school (and other schools) and Peach Education (TES, July 11).

Bursars have all experienced the high pressure salesperson who assumes that schools are an easy target and will sign up for anything, if it is well presented.

Is there a bursar at this school and if so, why was the deputy head dealing with this? When are schools going to give the responsibilites to those who are qualified to manage them.

I have sympathy for this deputy headteacher, who was obviously out of his depth in handling this salesperson. His qualification is in teaching, not business management.

The Department for Education and Skills has been presenting the case for appointing a bursar for some time now. This incident shows why.

William Simmonds Chief executive National Bursars Association Ltd 140 Wood Street Rugby Warwickshire

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