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Poles together via the Internet

I have often wondered if reviewers actually read all the books, eat all the meals, or test drive all the cars, about which they write.

I do, however, know that Sean Coughlan did not actually alight in Warsaw ("Take the first modem to Warsaw", TES, August 9), as his supposed Internet destination on the Warsaw Uprising carries that infuriating inscription "This page still under construction"!

Next time, I suggest that he heads instead for our site at where, among a comprehensive wealth of information, he will find the full text of Andrzej Suchcitz's excellent booklet, Poland's contribution to the Allied victory in the Second World War.

Our English language pages are brilliant. Our Polish language pages? Oh well, they are still under construction!

MIKE OBORSKI Presidium member Federation of Poles in Great Britain 240 King Street, London W6

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