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Police academy

Some people will do anything to get on TV - look at the success of Big Brother - but there's a difference between 15 minutes of voluntary fame and being filmed under duress.

It is not surprising that staff at the new King's Academy in Middlesbrough are unnerved by the plans of the school's evangelical Christian managers to install closed circuit TV in every classsroom, to "protect, not spy on" teachers (page 3).

Quite apart from the flippant question of what advantage blurry CCTV footage has over an omniscient God, it is hard to imagine a purpose for the classroom spies which would not undermine trust among staff, school, and pupils. What useful information will managers get from silent, ropey pictures? What is the legal position?

Even if the videos are not used for any sinister purpose (Britain's Dumbest Teachers, anyone?) it is no way to build a team that feels trusted.

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