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Police to be based in city schools

POLICE officers based in inner London secondary schools are planning to clamp down on crime by getting pupils to report offences to them.

Eleven officers are being stationed in schools in Southwark - the first starts officially on Monday in Archbishop Michael Ramsey school, just half a mile away from the spot where Damilola Taylor, 10, died.

Rod Jarman, borough commander for Southwark, said a few young offenders committed many crimes.

"Very often the victims are other schol-age children," he said. "We hope that by having officers in schools we will be able to offer a more approachable policing service."

David Hart, general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, said: "Children must inform the head first of any alleged crimes that take place during the school day."

Wendy Parmley, head at Archbishop Michael Ramsey school, said: "I hope it deters people from thinking that they can come here and mug our pupils and staff."

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