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Policing their world

The third volume of Learning for Life, the life skills programme for ages five to 13, has been launched by Grampian police.

It deals with diversity (mainly anti-racism) and harmony (anti-violence).

Entitled Diversity and Harmony, the first topic promotes an inclusive and just society by challenging inequality, prejudice and discrimination. The second helps to alleviate the root causes of conflict and violence by supporting and promoting pro-social skills and behaviours.

Like its predecessors, the volume 3 CD-Rom contains fun, interactive lessons, this time looking at issues such as gangs, hate crime, anger management, conflict resolution, asylum seekers and positive relationships.

Also on the CD-Rom are printable lesson overviews, worksheets, staff development material and an updated, printable version of the Police Box - a stand-alone, card-based resource.

Diversity and harmony cards have also been produced-one side of each for pupil use, the other to support the teacher.

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