Politics and FE funding

I WAS disappointed to be misquoted in the last two paragraphs of Neil Munro's article, "Protest over 'politically motivated' vetting" (TESS, October 16). Stating that my "previous convictions were conservative" gives entirely the wrong impression. What I actually said was that I was not really a political animal at all and that having spent most of my working life overseas had in fact only ever voted a couple of times.

I said that on these occasions I had voted Conservative, mainly because of my upbringing. In fact, I did later remember that I once voted SDP!

The statement about my admitting to having "no experience or understanding of FE" despite thinking of applying for membership of the FE funding committee was also misleading. It is the workings of the FE sector within Scotland about which I admit to little knowledge. Why this should have raised eyebrows is a mystery since the "person specification" stated quite categorically that "an understanding of the Scottish further education sector would be of value to members but is not an essential prerequisite". Indeed, it indicated that applicants need have no experience in education of any sort.

Although my extensive background and experience both in education and in business fitted the "person specification" I have now definitely decided not to apply for one of the member positions - despite the fact that the salary offered is Pounds 4,550 for about 24 days of work annually!

Christine Oldfield

Learmonth Gardens, Edinburgh

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