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Politics - An economic debate

The Hansard Society's web forum, HeadsUp, is hosting a three-week online debate for 11 to 18 year-olds on the topical subject The Economy: What Went Wrong?

The forum has an in-depth back-up section containing information about issues surrounding the economy. It gives users space to tell each other and legislators what the effect of the economic downturn has been and will be on their lives, as well as give their views on what went wrong.

The debate opened on November 23 and will run until December 11. All comments posted by legislators and forum-users can be viewed without registration. The following topics are being discussed:

- Youth unemployment: what do you think the Government should do to tackle rising youth unemployment? Are you worried about finding a job in the future? Should the Government fund more university places and training opportunities?

- Spending cuts: which public services should the Government cut? Should the Government raise taxes to save public services or lower taxes to give people more money to spend?

- The end of capitalism: do you think we put too much value on money and possessions? What would a world without money look like?

- Economic literacy: do you think it is important to be taught how to manage your money? Do you get economic literacy lessons in your school?

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