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The TES asked teachers which way they plan to vote at the next general election

Wendy Ward, head of design and technology, Coundon Court school, Coventry:

"I voted Labour last time and would probably vote Labour again. But I am worried that Tomlinson was ignored. His ideas could have been a real improvement."

Peter Jefferies, head of Harper Green school, a specialist arts college in Bolton: "I am pleased with the way the Government has tackled problems in education. I don't see any other party offering anything better."

Martyn Lilley, head of chemistry, Coundon Court school: "I voted Conservative last time and will vote Conservative this time. Nothing to do with the parties' policies on education - it's about the way the Government wastes money."

Maurice Leahy, Year 6 teacher, Carlton Hill primary, Brighton: "The Tories don't say anything about primaries. To be honest I'm quite relieved they don't have any policies."

Isobel Reid, Year 3 teacher, Carlton Hill primary: "Labour did some things well, and others less so. The numeracy strategy was effective but the literacy one undermined teachers' confidence. Do the Liberal Democrats have policies? The Tories just talk about more choice. Apart from that I have no idea what their policies are."

Emma O'Boyle, reception teacher, Galliard primary, Enfield: "I'm going to take far more notice of what the parties are saying this time.

I want to hear ministers say they will reduce the number of hours it takes us to get the job done."

Shirley Clift, Year 6 teacher at Galliard primary:

"It's been a roller-coaster under this government but I wouldn't vote for any party other than Labour because no one else could take education forward."

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