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Poodles should be put down

As one of the 10 per cent of teachers who voted in the General Teaching Council for England's elections, I wish Neil Taylor more power to his elbow. Let the voting figures not dismay him: he has infinitely more teacher support than 0 per cent elected Department for Education and Skills' appointee Carol Adams.

Ten out of 10 to Ms Adams for sticking to her guns - but her guns are empty. The voting system was no problem: once I had deleted the union lapdogs and the political poodles, the task was not so much arranging the candidates in rank order as finding eleven worth voting for.

And it is not for teachers to increase their engagement with the arrogant GTC; it is for the GTC to increase its engagement with teachers.

Ninety per cent of teachers have stated that they do not give a monkey's for the GTC: most of the remaining 10 per cent have stated that they think this government poodle should be put down.

The GTC should do the decent thing and fall on its sword. Alternatively it should turn itself into something worth voting for. And that means listening to the teachers rather than dictating government policy.

Philip D Delnon 79, Broomfield Road Swanscombe, Kent

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