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Posher spice

To the Britannia Spice Asian restaurant down Leith way for a most agreeable lunch, er, launch. The 10,000 Asian eateries in the UK are worried.

What the Spice and others want, what they really, really want is something that will end the skill shortage of chefs and waiters - "too many Indians and not enough chefs," as one headline quipped.

Riding to the rescue comes Fife College, which has launched the Scottish School of Asian Cuisine to adress the problem.

Further evidence of enterprise and creativity emerged in the form of what Joyce Johnston, the college principal, dubbed "fusion fare".

First out of the kitchen, appropriately for the day before Burns night, was the improbable "haggis pakora," complete with piper and the traditional blaw of "A Man's a Man For A' That". It was not long, inevitably, before a media wag rechristened it "A Naan's a Naan for A' That".

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