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Positive male role models needed

Years ago, when we were concerned about low achievements of girls, it was readily accepted that suitable role models and positive images of women achieves would help to raise girls' sights. Why, in the recent debate about low achievements of boys, have these points been so neglected?

In TV commercials and sitcoms, the portrayal of "together" woman surrounded by gormless men has become something of a cliche: the reverse portrayal would now be culturally offensive. The dearth of men in primary schools means that many children are never taught by a man until secondary education.

Research from abroad indicates that the gender achievement gap lessens when there is a balance of men and women in primary education. Are we prepared to tackle this, or do we wish to take lazy refuge in the offensive proposition that boys are inherently inferior?

MICHAEL E HURDLE, 7 Farm Lane, Send, Woking, Surrey

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