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Positive plan for teachers in London;Letter

WE ARE writing to complain about the article "Sleeping rough guide to capital" (TES, July 2).

Neither the Teachers for London website, which we designed in association with Teachers for London (www.teachers4london. com), nor the text of the article, refers to teachers sleeping rough.

It seems to us that The TES is intent on providing a negative spin to a positive attempt to recruit teachers into the city. It surely cannot be anything to do with the possible loss of advertising revenue to the paper that an increase in successful recruitment to London would cause.

To compound the error, Colin Wheeler's cartoon illustrates what we take to be Australian teachers sleeping in cardboard boxes.

While we agree with Sue Ellenby that London risks losing key workers to regions, young professionals have always moved to London which has always been more expensive than the other regions of Britain.

Opportunities for career development, including early promotion, are more plentiful in London than elsewhere. This includes opportunities for teachers.

Chris King

Director of education TimePlan Education Group TimePlan House 2021 Arcadia Avenue London N3

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