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Post-ofsted fall-out

Here is just a taste of what users in the TES online forums are saying this week. Join the discussion at:

nosandals: They came into our school with an agenda, pursued it ruthlessly and then left us with a negative report. They ignored all positives. We actually came out with a "Good" overall, but to read the report you'd think we were a crap school. Now I'm spending this beautiful weekend writing lesson plans and looking forward to MORE SMT observationsI.

cherrycake: I was told inspection was supposed to be a positive experience, but having gone through my first, I felt wrecked, despite the fact we did very well.

bacardibreezer: So, here's me thinking that things can only get better once we've had the "phonecall of doom".JYou mean it gets worse?

foxeng: I think there can be a horrible fall-out. I know of a school which had gone through a bad patch but was pulling itself together: new head, new facilities, some strong staff. They knocked themselves out for Ofsted hoping that a good report would attract able andor middle class kids whose parents had shunned the school. Instead they got a decidedly so-so report, and the staff seemed to fall apart...

* These comments are all personal opinions

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