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Poster push

The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh has launched a new schools'

initiative to promote the need to look after Earth's fragile resources.

Acknowledging the urgent need to communicate science in the environment, RBGE is to provide a series of 20 colourful educational posters to support the new Curriculum for Excellence, while encompassing the knowledge, understanding and developing informed attitudes from 5-14 environmental studies. The posters cover everything from major plant groups to plant parts, reproduction and what we mean by biodiversity. The background notes for teachers provide clear and concise information for them to use the posters to the best advantage. They expand on the content of each poster and give further details about some of the plants featured on them.

A spokeswoman for RBGE said: "Of course, with 10,000 children visiting as part of school groups each year, and numerous other educational events throughout the year, there is always back-up available from RBGE."

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