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Poster's singular mistake;Letter

IN the Primary magazine of (TES, September 24), there was a beautiful poster that teachers could use in the classrooms to encourage the correct writing of stories. What an irony that under the heading, "How can we make our stories better?" appears the question: "Is the grammar and punctuation correct?"

It quite clearly is not! I always teach my pupils that a plural subject requires a plural verb.

KP Morgan

Springwell school

Staveley, Chesterfield

Fact is much

better than fiction

THE name "Queen's school" was applied to a fictitious failing state school at the conference for head girls (TES, September 24).

We should like to point out to those who only skim the pages of The TES that 100 per cent of the students at the real Queen's school achieved at least five grades A*-C at GCSE this year, with 79.2 per cent grades A* and A.

DM Skilbeck


The Queen's school

City Walls Road, Chester

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