Postman bites MP

Other displays at the Paisley gathering included a section devoted to various alumni. On show were handsome photographs and modest biographies of such as Kenneth MacDonald (BBC Scotland education correspondent), Fred Goodwin (Clydesdale Bank chief executive), John Gibson (author), Alastair Dempster (chief executive, TSB Scotland), Eddie Frizzell (chief executive, Scottish Prisons) and Lord Wylie (judge).

Alas, the only blank space on the wall was that reserved for Jacqui Lait, the first woman MP in the Conservative whips' office, whose response spent a full five weeks in the custody of Royal Mail. Could privatisation be a step closer?

Melvyn Haggarty, principal teacher of history and exhibition organiser, had expressed jowl-quivering disappointment at Lait's failure to reply and even considered a letter to the Prime Minister to report her discourtesy.

The posties got their act together just in time, but too late for the exhibition. This is rather a shame for Jotter. "Tory whipping embarrassment at Paisley Grammar" would have been a more memorable story.

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