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* A classroom assistant at my wife's school was told by a teacher at another school, who marks the national curriculum tests, that this year's maths tests would be hard. This was on the Monday before the papers were opened. What other information do markers have that benefits their schools?

Andy Micklethwaite

40 Ripley Road

Heage, Belper, Derbyshire

* The request for annual attendanceabsence figures arrived from the Department for Education and Employment today. It contains the usual instructions and a siple, single A4 form to complete. However, the instructions request completion of the return electronically as this "supports the Government initiative of reducing paper where possible".

In order to enable us to do this, two further A4 sheets of instructions are included and a glossy flier! Result, three extra pieces of paper when a single A4 form would suffice. What kind of efficiency is this?

Hilary Vaughan


Holbrook primary school

Holbrook School Lane

Horsham, West Sussex

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