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* After your front-page article on Ucas sending out glossy fliers to all A-level candidates (TES, January 20) I received a letter from UcasGraduate Teacher Training Register advertisng Teaching Personnel, a supply agency, presumably addressed to all post-graduate certificate in education students. I also received a flier for agency Select Education.

What really galls me is the wording of the UcasGTTR letter. It states that although they have judged the enclosed information to be of interest, it is Ucas policy not to endorse promotional literature from any organisation.

What, if not an endorsement, is it to send out such literature with a letter saying how interesting it might be? This needs further investigation, as Ucas is no doubt receiving a lot of money not to endorse people!

Mark Lockwood 10 Lilac Close Denvilles Havant, Hampshire

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