THANK you for your continued support of school governors. I have been a governor of a small primary school for 10 years, and vice-chair for a year.

I have willingly given a lot of time to fulfil my responsibilities, but feel that the role has changed out of all recognition, and that the demands are much greater now.

In the past seven school days, I have attended school on six occasions, one of them in response to an emergency call. I have even lost a morning's pay to attend a criss meeting!

Imagine how I felt to read an advertisement for the position of non-executive directors of the new NHS primary care trusts, whose job description is remarkably like that of a school governor, offering a salary of pound;5,150 for up to five days a month. Chairs and vice-chairs are offered pound;12,000-15,000, for up to 11 days a month!

How many governors want to resign their voluntary position and apply to the NHS?

J Galloway

5 Truro Drive

Sale, Cheshire

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