I WAS disappointed - for once - with a Libby Purves column (TES, June 16).

She refers to Baroness Jay's now familiar boast that she attended "a pretty standard grammar school" - Blackheath. She goes on to say Jay was a grant aided pupil, "just the kind her PM has abolished with the Assisted Places Scheme" and who "now only exist thanks to the Sutton Trust, or bodies such as Christ's and Greenwich Hospitals".

Blckheath is one of the 25 schools in the Girls' Day School Trust, whose bursary scheme and long-planned project to raise pound;70 million to replace assisted places was way ahead of the Sutton Trust. It is odd to refer to Blackheath in the article, yet ignore the work of the trust.

Margaret Chandler

Acting headmistress

Putney high school

Girls' Day School Trust

35 Putney Hill

London SW1

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