pound;1m win adds up for Nick the NQT

Married to a millionaire he may be, but Nick Lang is refusing to give up his day job.

The newly-qualified maths teacher, 32, is the talk of the staff-room at Llantarnam school, Cwmbran, after his wife became the first pound;1 million winner of the ITV quiz show PokerFace.

But he says he has no designs on a jet-set lifestyle and only has one wish from the big cash win - a new sports bike.

The win came on top of another windfall for the couple six months ago, when they won pound;32,000 on the National Lottery.

However, Mr Lang, from Newport, said: "I'm only an NQT, but I love teaching. There's no way I'm going to give up now, although I might opt for an early retirement in 10 years or so."

Describing himself as easily pleased, he said: "I'm a real fan of staying at home with the family and watching new films from my home movie collection. Fast cars and a fast lifestyle are not really for me.

"Sarah and I want a new conservatory, but we've not really thought of anything else - does that sound boring?"

Former performing arts student Sarah Lang, a full-time mother to the couple's two young children, won the quiz show, hosted by Ant and Dec, after a nail-biting week of knock-out rounds. Contestants had to demonstrate good general knowledge but the game also relied on the ability to bluff - something Nick reckons his wife has in spades.

Sarah, 31, this week announced her own dream job - playing a baddie on the made-in-Wales BBC sci-fi programme Dr Who.

The aspiring actress beat businessman Julian Sperring-Toy in the final. She "poker-faced" previous contestants into folding after successfully bluffing her way through the rounds.

Mr Lang, who said he amassed a large student debt while training to become a teacher, said: "Sarah and I had a game plan, but that's nothing to take away from her win - she was absolutely brilliant. She would make a great actress."

The couple could not afford a lavish wedding, and only close family attended.

Upon winning the show, Sarah said: "Luck doesn't happen to our family - we all live in council houses."

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