Practical teaching aids

BIRCHFIELD LESSON KITS FOR GEOGRAPHY. Birchfield pound;149.95 per topic.

Sustainable Development - Why Should We Care? TV Choice. VHS pound;42; DVD pound;47.

Birchfield's newly updated Lesson Kits for Geography provide teachers with a flexible approach to using software to enhance teaching and learning. Unlike much educational software, the kits can be used "out of the box".

There are three elements: Instant Lessons - ready to use multimedia resources, for delivering whole class activities or individual study; Lesson Builder - create your own pages and activities to build your very own lesson; Assessment Tool - pupils' use of instant lessons and teacher-built lessons can be tracked and assessed with ease.

There are 10 titles covering key themes in physical and human geography.

Ideal for whole class teaching on an interactive whiteboard or independent use, the ready-made lessons combine engaging content, animations, narration and activities designed to appeal to visual, kinaesthetic and auditory learners alike. Written text is supported by high quality 3D animations.

All text is fully narrated to support auditory learners.

Birchfield has clearly listened to teachers and developed a worthwhile resource. The new range is also good value for money.

The Sustainable Development - Why Should We Care? film provides a stark account of the dangers threatening the planet and what we can do to avoid a global disaster. It is aimed primarily at geography, although is of interest across a wide range of subjects. It uses powerful images from all over the world and explains the evidence for global warming and the threat it poses.

The film takes the viewer back to the industrial revolution 250 years ago and right up to the oil-based age we live in today. The imagery used throughout illustrates the loss of rainforests and the environmental problems caused by the life-style of the human race.

This is a thought provoking insight into a complex topic. It also offers examples of practical ideas that may help to mitigate climate change. The film's length is less than 30 minutes to fit into an average lesson time. A support booklet is also available.

Gavin Richards Gavin Richards is director of e-Learning, at Kingsmead Community School, Wiveliscombe, Somerset

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