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Praise heaped on TES Ward inquiry;FE Focus;Conference;National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education

The TES's investigation into Association of College chief executive Roger Ward, which resulted in his abrupt departure, came in for high praise from delegates.

President Norman Jemison summed up the mood in his presidential address. He said: "On behalf of NATFHE and its membership I wish to record our thanks to our friends in The TES and in Private Eye whose unrelenting investigative journalism was so important in the demise of Mr Ward."

He recalled complaining to a TES reporter of favourable coverage for Mr Ward, "who had done so much damage to the FE sector" and recalled that the reporter had responded: "You never know what is around the corner."

Then, in November, stories started to appear, and eventually Mr Ward departed. Mr Jemison recalled how Mr Wardhad gained supporters for his plans to take on the lecturers union. "Well, Natfhe is still here," he said. "Where, Roger Ward, are you?"

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