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Praising integrity

I AM grateful for your publication (TESS, December 15) of my response to Ron Tuck's review of Crisis in the Classroom, but wondered why you chose to omit the words "Praise for Mary Mulligan, Cathy Peattie, Mike Russell, teachers' organisations, ADES, TESS".

Since Ron Tuck, in a remarkably short-sighted and two-dimensional "review", chose to caricature Lindsay Paterson's book as portraying "cardboar heroes and villains", I thought it appropriate to redress this, not only generally, but with the force of examples. After all "praise where praise is due" is of the essence of intellectual integrity: an integrity that is both the spirit of Crisis in the Classroom and very much the spirit of the committee system of the new Parliament.

John Aberdein

Grieveship Brae, Stromness, Orkney

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