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Prepare to cheer academies

It is true that results in English and maths at 15-plus are nowhere near as good as we want them to be at Greig City academy or some of the other academies (TES, March 10).

But in case anyone should think (God forbid) that The TES is less than even-handed in its reporting about academies, or worse, is even delighted at any evidence that academies are not yet a rip-roaring success, I am sure you will be happy to print more positive evidence about Greig:

* Key stage 3 results in the core subjects are steadily improving and are significantly higher than they ever were in the predecessor school;

* Attendance is now at national average and higher than it was in the predecessor school;

* Behaviour is hugely improved. Fixed-term exclusions are low and probably the best of any local secondary; the exclusion rate is significantly lower than both London and national averages. There has not been a permanent exclusion for two years;

* The school is fully staffed and there has not been a teacher resignation since last May;

* Every visitor to the school is impressed by the calm, purposeful and warm atmosphere of the school;

* Inspectors said it was a "rapidly improving school".

Oh, and two of our basketball teams are this year's national champions! All these and other elements of improvement are the foundation stones for sustainable and long-term success. One day The TES will be here commenting on the remarkable story of improvement and success that is taking place and will continue to take place in the school. I look forward to that day with pleasure.

T S Peryer

Chair of governors

Greig City academy

London SW1

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