Press Catch-Up

Half of Scots back right to send child to Gaelic school

The Scotsman

- Almost half of Scots believe parents should have the right to send their children to a Gaelic school, research shows. Analysis of results from the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey found that 48 per cent of people thought parents should have the choice of Gaelic-medium education, where classes are taught in Gaelic with English as a secondary language.

Knife boy sparks exclusion row

The Herald

- A Scottish student who brought a knife into school has been allowed back into the classroom, raising fresh fears over the controversial policy of reducing exclusions. The 13-year-old boy, from a Glasgow secondary school, was caught with a ceremonial dagger in his bag earlier this year but has now been returned to the classroom under strict supervision after he claimed that he had brought the weapon to school to sell it.

Class-size rule locks girls out of sister's school

The Herald

- A parent who cannot get all of her children into the primary school of her choice has attacked the Scottish government's "flawed" policy on class sizes. Julie Wales, from Dalry in North Ayrshire, said SNP legislation limiting P1 classes to 25 meant that her three daughters could not go to the same school.

One child in 12 is underweight - but ignored because of obesity crisis

Daily Mail

- Growing numbers of children are underweight - and their plight is being overlooked because of an obsession with obesity, it is feared. One in 12 nine-year-olds in England was found to be worryingly thin in a recent study - the equivalent of two or three in every school classroom. The researchers said being too thin may be worse for health than being too fat.

The Brae Team

Edinburgh Evening News

- Education chiefs have scrapped a proposal to turn Castlebrae High into an annex of Portobello High and said they would draft in a national team of experts to revitalise the embattled secondary. The seven-strong "A-Team" of experts, including Keir Bloomer, Alan McLean and Dr Rowena Arshad, will advise a new working group of councillors, education officers, teachers and parent representatives.

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