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Fury over SNP plan to scrap external examiners

Scottish Daily Mail

A generation of Scots will be thrown on the education scrapheap by an SNP plan to axe traditional exams. Under an extraordinary new system, pupils will be able to complete their schooling without writing a single externally marked examination. The Scottish Daily Mail has learnt that only three out of 49 courses in S4 will be fully assessed by examiners outside a candidate's own school.

Headteacher `wedges' war on below-par meals

Evening Times

One of Glasgow's biggest primary schools revolted against "cold and disgusting" lunches dished out to its pupils. Knightswood Primary headteacher Janet Mackie was said to be "furious" over the quality and quantity of food presented by catering company Cordia. She was also concerned by parents' comments that children were too hungry to concentrate on afternoon lessons. They were so angry they sent their children into school with packed lunches.

Pupils take lessons in safe driving and buying cars

The Sun

Schoolchildren are to be given lessons on safe driving and buying their first car. More than 1,500 fifth-year pupils in Perthshire will be offered the classes, which also include advice on choosing a driving instructor and motor maintenance. And students who don't want to learn to drive will be taught about safety as a pedestrian or a passenger. The Driving Ambition scheme is being led by Tayside Police.

What a twit

Daily Record

New SNP MSP Marco Biagi sparked fury by revealing he had sat around at work drinking coffee. The Edinburgh Central member wrote on Twitter: "Education committee this morning took 14 mins. Then we spent an hour chatting over coffee. That's how to govern a country." An SNP spokeswoman responded to Labour criticism by saying either the election had damaged the opposition party's sense of humour or Twitter wasn't best for sarcasm.

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