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Traffic pollution 'increases risk of autism in children'

The Scotsman

- Children who live in cities are at increased risk of developing autism due to a link between the condition and traffic pollution, a new study has found. The findings warned that youngsters who live in homes in areas with the highest air pollution levels were up to three times more at risk than those from the least exposed homes. Early exposure to traffic pollution - either in the womb or during the first 12 months of a child's life - was said to more than double their chances of having the disorder.

UKIP fostering row: couple call for apology

The Guardian

- A couple whose three foster children were removed because of their membership of UKIP want the youngsters back and a public apology. The pair, who have not been identified to protect the three EU-migrant children, lost them when Rotherham Council social workers discovered their political allegiance, which they deemed incompatible with caring for the children.

University hits out at poor learning amid access row

The Herald

- A leading university has blamed years of poor maths and science learning in secondary schools for difficulties in recruiting more pupils from deprived backgrounds. The University of Dundee said the problem was particularly acute in Stem subjects such as science, technology, engineering and maths - which are vital to the country's future economic success. The university also highlighted reduced school subject choice and rising university entry requirements for the lack of progress in widening access.

How a real life Billy Elliot beat school bullies

Scottish Daily Mail

- Eight years ago, Kyle Murray swore he would give up ballet because of taunts from school bullies. Luckily he reconsidered and now the real-life Billy Elliot is coming home to Glasgow as a dancer with Scottish Ballet in The Nutcracker. He hopes to inspire other boys to become just as successful.

Family weep as Euan's killer is locked up for just three years

Daily Record

- The devastated family of schoolboy Euan Craig left court in tears after his killer was sentenced to just three years and six months. The violent youth battered Euan after an accident in a school gym. His 14-year-old victim died the next day from bleeding to the brain.

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