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Press Catch-Up

Call for wi-firevolution in classrooms

The Herald

- The National Parent Forum of Scotland is urging councils to provide wi-fiinternet access to pupils throughout the school day, and wants to see greater use of portable devices such as tablets in schools. It believes the technology can be used safely with appropriate policies such as pupil contracts and greater investment.

NHS failing to cope with rise in ADHD diagnoses

The Herald

- Health services are struggling to provide support for the rising number of children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), NHS watchdog Healthcare Improvement Scotland has warned. Some health boards have admitted they are even scrambling to fund treatment other than the prescription of drugs for the disorder.

Scotland's population soars to record high

The Scotsman

- Scotland's population has reached its highest level ever, following a "baby boom" and surge in migration. It jumped by 233,000 people in a decade, bringing the total number to a record 5,295,000, the first results of the 2011 census show. There has been a 293,000 (6 per cent) rise in the number of children under five in the past 10 years, say experts.

Dozy driver left disabled girl, 5, alone on bus

Daily Record

- A furious mum has told how a council driver went home for his break and left her blind, mute and wheelchair-bound daughter alone on his bus. Five-year-old Chantelle McLeod went through her ordeal after the driver picked her up from her home in New Elgin, Moray, to take her to school.

Aid for home-schooling parents erratic, say MPs

The Guardian

- Parents who home educate their children face wildly different levels of support in England, a committee of MPs has said, with some councils being helpful and cooperative while others treat home educators as potential problem families. One family was forced to drive a child 200 miles to sit a single GCSE exam.

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