Pretty theft

it is disturbing what some primary school children think appropriate to bring to school. Dead pets, unexploded bombs and parents' underwear have all been smuggled into class or innocently displayed in show-and-tell at some point.

But a six-year-old Croatian boy has become the latest to surprise teachers with his unusual offering.

Mario Cvitak brought in his grandmother's entire life savings in cash, then proceeded to hand it out to classmates.

Luckily, his attempt to give away the equivalent of pound;6,000 was swiftly spotted and stopped by teachers at the school in Pahuljica, on the island of Rab, off the Croatian coast. All the money was returned to Mario's grandmother.

When asked why he had taken the cash, the boy said he thought the notes were pretty drawings and had wanted to share the "interesting pictures"

with his friends.

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