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Persuasive arguments on the world's most vital asset

Covering around 70 per cent of the Earth's surface and with all known forms of life dependent upon it, the importance of water cannot be overestimated.

This collection has been put together for Oxfam's Water Week, but the resources are equally useful for any geography unit in which water is studied. The interactive books can form part of a literacy non-fiction topic and the persuasive writing activities allow pupils to design and write their own leaflets around the subject of water vulnerability.

The Drought Interactive Information Book, Flood Interactive Information Book and Water Infrastructure Interactive Information Book all have an accompanying Word document with images and captions for extension activities.

The collection also includes persuasive writing resources on the same topics.


Sound basis for phonics

Interactive tools for all phases of progression

TES iboard has over 200 interactive resources to teach phonics and high-frequency words. All the content has a sound pedagogical base, using the progression sequence found in letters and sounds. Full coverage of phases 2-5 ensures you have activities for whatever stage your pupils are at.

The interactives are suitable to use as teaching tools at the whiteboard but also clear enough for pupils to use independently or in small groups with a teaching assistant. Choose which phonemes to include from each set. And to focus accurately, target new learning and assess progress.

Robot Buttons is a tool for revealing and hiding the components of words to teach blending and segmenting. Press the cards to hear the phoneme pronounced. Press the buttons to hide and show the card.

Word Machine segments words as you drag them into the machine. It is like a maths function machine, commonly used in numeracy teaching, but this machine breaks a word down into its phonemes and will then read back using sound talk.


Really big summer adventure

Keeping children active over the long holiday

Change4Life's really big summer adventure is a new campaign to get children and families active over the summer.

Schools should have already received a teacher resource booklet via the School Fruit and Veg Box, filled with fun ideas for end-of-term activities aimed at key stage 2, but flexible enough for the whole school.

The Change4Life box is filled with enough really big summer adventure maps for every pupil in Years 3, 4 and 5.

The really big summer adventure map has plenty of activity ideas to keep your pupils active for the whole of the summer holidays. Children pick and choose their favourite activities each day to create their own, personal really big summer adventure.

The box also contains entry forms offering schools the chance to win a first prize of #163;1,000 or two runners-up prizes of #163;500 worth of sporting equipment in every region.



Familiar places

Familiar-settings stories are set in everyday situations. Themes include losing a favourite toy, going on holiday, a new baby in the family and moving house. The supporting resources help you to focus in more detail on the characters, scenes and structure.

Six of the Best

TES iboard has produced digital storybooks and related activities based on six traditional tales. There are two versions, one with simpler text and sound support for younger or emerging readers, and another to "read alone".

Just imagine

Fantasy stories often start with an everyday situation but turn into an adventure. These stories will help develop pupils' imagination.

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