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PRIMARY SCIENCE AND NUMERACY. By Rosemary Feasey and Bob Gallear. Association for Science Education. pound;15 Tel: 01707 283000.

Science is unique in the national curriculum in that it depends in equal measure on the skills of numeracy and literacy and is ideally placed as a subject for the development of both. This book is the sequel to Primary Science and Literacy (1998), which contains a valuable combination of measured discussion, classroom activities and examples of children's work to show how science teaching and learning can be used to develop literacy skills and vice versa. Primary Science and Nmeracy uses a similar combination to show the importance of numeracy in science and to provide a range of activities (many of them photocopiable).

The wide variety of people involved in the production of the book accounts for the range of examples and the rich collection of ideas for school work. Examples of children's work are included throughout. The three major key skills of application of number, communication and use of IT are now permeating education at all levels. These books provide an ideal starting point for teachers, who are now responsible for developing key skills.


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