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Look at photographs of spiders' webs. Reproduce similar patterns using string, threads, raffia. Let pupils imagine they have a superpower. What would it be? Investigate the life and habitat of spiders. Make a booklet or prepare a talk to demonstrate findings.

Research the powers of other superheros. Record the findings in different ways, including Venn diagrams. Analyse the characteristics of some animals in the same way. Are there any similarities?

Pupils can devise their own superheroes linked to animals they have investigated and write about them.

Find out about unusual spiders. Identify their home countries on a world map.

Arrange a visit from a spider or insect enthusiast.

Many adults are frightened of spiders. Ask them why. Develop an argument to change their minds.

Design a way of removing spiders without harming them.

List some uses for spider-silk.

Devise a simulation in which a company seeks to establish a spider farm. Assign different roles for a public meeting set up to discuss the issue.

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