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LISTENING COMPREHENSION TEST SERIES. NFER-Nelson. Five sets covering ages four to 14 pound;30 (Starter Set) plus VAT.

Produced with NFER's usual meticulous attention to detail, this series of tests will assess attainment and progress in listening comprehension between the ages of four and 14.

While formal assessments to listening comprehension may be low down on your list of priorities, they can be useful in, for example, identifying a discrepancy between reading comprehension and listening comprehension. An unexpectedly high score in listening comprehension might be indicative of specific difficulties in he processing of print. Similarly an unexpectedly low score might indicate, among other things, hearing difficulties. In most instances, these tests would be more appropriate for individuals or small groups rather than the whole class.

The three passages which form each test differ in content and degree of formality, providing a range of experiences across which listening can be assessed. As well as standardised scores and percentile ranks the series offers progress scores over intervals of two years.

Kevin Harcombe

Kevin Harcombe is head of Redlands Primary School, Fareham, Hampshire.

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