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Imagine the robot can write in the first person. Write a diary entry for the day of the special event. Remember your every move is being watched live across the world.

Make a timeline covering this period in ancient Egypt and plot the important dates on it.

Discuss and record what might lie behind the next slab of white stone. Re-examine what pupils wrote after the next exploration.

What articles might a pharaoh want put in the burial chamber? What things are most precious to you?

Study the text carefully and use it to draw a plan of what the interior of the pyramid might look like. Compare results.

Where else might the robot prove useful? Record some ideas.

Use constructional kits to help design and make a remotely controlled vehicle. Make sure the vehicle can pick up mysterious items.

Construct a range of pyramids and use them to create a whole-class sculpture.

Decide on a way of advertising the next robot exploration. Make a television or magazine advertisement to encourage viewers, disappointed last time, to watch again.

Investigate the names and patterns of different star systems. Which would be suitable to receive the souls of Egyptian royalty? Why?

Investigate theories of how the pyramids were built. Make a storyboard demonstrating one method.

Use hieroglyphs to write some messages or graffiti that might be found in the pyramid. Try to make them amusing.

Look at photographs or drawings of different death masks. Create your own in a similar style.

Draw your own interpretation of the human-headed bird.

Paint some pictures or patterns that might have been used to decorate the tombs inside the pyramids. Find out what styles or content were popular.

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