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Ideas are more suited to older juniors.

Literacy: Make books about different subjects, for example, "Buildings". Compare old children's books with modern ones - Jwhat are the differences? What will the children in Iraq be missing if they only have old books? For creative writing - J"Expecting something dreadful to happen".

Numeracy: How much is a dinar worth in pounds? Look up exchange rates in the newspaper. Then look through a catalogue (eg Argos) and price some of its items in dinars.

History and geography: What is the earliest history of Ur? What did these early societies invent? Find Iraq and Baghdad on the map. How far are they from the UK?

PSHE and drama: How do different cultures celebrate family occasions, for example weddings? How can you find out about this (internet, books, classmates)? What systems exist in the UK to help people learn? Is that different from Iraq? What is it like to live under a blockade? Undertake simple tasks, then gradually introduce impediments, eg, legs tied together, not allowed to use left arm etc.

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