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Literacy: use science fiction, for example, I Robot by Isaac Asimov.

Compare Star Wars droids R2D2 and C3PO. Write lists of instructions broken down into movements, for instance, how to make a cup of tea.

Numeracy: devise "function machines" to do repetitive tasks for instance "+3", "double", "round up". Use two and 3D shapes to make humanoid figures.

Science and Damp;T: explore rolling, friction and body joints. How do joints work? Design a machine for a specific purpose, for instance, to take a dog for a walk.

PE:try different types of movements on different surfaces, for instance, stiff movements on benches, fluid movements on mats. Attempt different ways of balancing individually and with a partner.

PSHE and drama: enact domestic scenes involving robots. Discuss the merits or otherwise of enforced leisure. Use visual, spoken or auditory signals to "control" another person.

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