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Design and produce a timeline that shows both the history of space exploration to Mars and the proposed, future missions. Use simple models of the various crafts to move along the timeline. Gather together current newspaper reports about recent explorations to Mars. Use them to identify styles of journalism. What arguments are used to either promote or disparage the programmes and proposals? Do any appear to favour one view? Is there any bias? Write a balanced feature for a class or school newspaper. Examine the pictures that are coming back from Mars. Describe the features such as the possible river valleys. Use different mediums such as mod-roc or clay to produce a model of the surface of the planet. Paint pictures that reflect our current knowledge base. Use the wealth of statistics to compare Mars with Earth. Produce charts, graphs and spreadsheets that make the information easy to access. Use construction kits to produce vehicles that can pick up a range of materials. Program them to make simple movements. Investigate the range of spacecraft and vehicles that have been used so far in the exploration of Mars. Draw and label them in a way that explains their specific purpose.

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