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Make a time line of events. Conduct a survey of parents' favourite rock and roll stars. Ask people of different ages what their favourite musical style is. Make block graphs of results and note any trends. Describe the differences between pop, country and western, and rhythm and blues. Learn a dance to "Rock Around the Clock". Learn how to hand jive. Research 1950s fashions in magazines and on the internet. Watch some Elvis Presley movies.

Invite people in their 60s to the school and ask them to talk about their memories of the 1950s. Sing to karaoke versions of rock and roll songs.

Read extracts from Terry Pratchett's Soul Music, particularly about "music with rocks in it". Create new names for musical genres - eg "pump jump" (hip-hop), "kitchen" (garage). Read song lyrics as if they were poems. Ask students to write lyrics on similar themes. Describe the drum rhythms in different songs.

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