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Investigate the history of DDT. Use the disagreements about its use to produce a balanced argument for and against a reintroduction. Present the findings in different ways using techniques such as hot-seating, the production of leaflets, or prepared speeches.

* Produce a flow chart that clearly demonstrates how the mosquito transmits the disease. Begin with egg laying and conclude with the final effects on the human. Use a scale in the lines of the chart to indicate elapsed time.

* Produce a scripted advertisement to encourage the use of insecticide-impregnated bed nets (there is great dramatic potential here).

Act out the adverts to other classes. Did they understand the key messages?

* Organise a fundraising event for a charity actively fighting the spread of malaria or helping to guarantee fresh drinking water. Use the services of the charity to lead an assembly. Make the event informative as well as financially effective.

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