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Research environments, eg desert, forest, city. What animals live in each? How have they adapted, eg moving, eating? How do they protect themselves, eg camouflage, rolling up, stings. Sort them into categories: mammals, fish, insects... look at large and small in each; what is different apart from size?

* Play an animal guessing game or write riddles using animal attributes. Use comparative language (eg big, bigger, biggest).

* Use "The Hipporhinostricow" by Spike Milligan as a stimulus to make up composite animals.

* In drama and PE move like different animals over imaginary surfaces and through different materials.

* Make a timeline of important events in Earth's history. Project it into the future.

* Experiment with ice cubes and water.

* Grow plants, giving some less lightwaterheat, and observe what happens.

* Research creatures that support each other, eg people, dogs, sharks, cleaner fish (wrasse). Discuss the idea of mutual support and benefits.

* Visit and the Natural History Museum at

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