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* Make a list of typical winter clothing. Compare this to what is worn in warmer weather.

* Look at fabrics used in different seasons. How do they change? What qualities do they have?

* Design a winter outfit. Label the design showing the materials chosen, and explain your choices.

* Draw a plan of a room at home or at school. Annotate the drawing to show how the design, the layout or the materials that have been selected to ensure the inhabitants can stay comfortable on cold days. Look for heat sources, insulation and the positioning of special features.

* Draw a flow chart to show how one of the insects survives the winter.

Make a branching database to show how some of the different animals survive the winter. Use key questions, such as "Does the animal hibernate?"

* Investigate the life cycles of other animals. Use Venn diagrams to show similaritiesdifferences.

* Look closely at pictures of each animal. Sketch each creature, highlighting their survival features. Use the sketches to make a domino game where matching reasons can be placed adjacent to each other.

* Investigate reasons why some animals have become extinct. Write about those where a main or contributory factor has been their inability to adapt to extreme or changing temperatures.

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