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* Design and make a coat of arms for somebody you consider to be a hero.

Let each section represent parts of the life story or different heroic qualities shown by the hero.

* Use the theme of a hero using hisher own body to make a human bridge to devise a short dance or gymnastic piece. Explore how members of a group can be supported and transferred through different spaces. Let the movements tell the heroic story.

* Look at different newspaper reports of the immediate events after the July 7 bombings. In particular study eyewitness or autobiographical accounts. Identify acts that could be described as heroic and link them to the contrasting ideas and themes in the main text.

* Undertake a classschool survey to find out who is considered to be a hero. Record the results in graphs and charts. Design a branching database that poses questions that could be applied to those identified in the survey. Use the database to find out, "Hero or Not?" (choose questions that reflect differing attitudes to what constitutes heroism).

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