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Primary confused by conflicting GM messages

Further to your report on the grant-maintained status ballot at Enmore School (TES, October 13), I should like to point out that Somerset did not dispute the ballot process in the two-month period when official objections were raised (April-May). Nor did the LEA subsequently make any objections during the following four months (June-September).

During that time, however, it did: * negotiate with the school re buying back services when GM; * remove our listing as an LEA school in BT telephone directory in June; * require the removal of shared equipment from our school in July; * omit our school from the primary adviser listin July (every other LEA primary was included); * write to staff terminating their employment in September.

The LEA's action in seeking leave to apply for judicial review on the evening of Friday September 29 runs counter to all the above.

E C MEIKLEJOHN Headteacher Enmore C of E GM Primary School Enmore, near Bridgwater, Somerset

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