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Primary finds five new lives

A PRIMARY which decided to move to a five-term year is now hailing it a great success a year later.

The school achieved its best- ever national test results this year, with a significant improvement in English.

Robert Beel, the acting head, believes that the reorganised year have contributed to such positive results.

Last September, Woodlands primary, in Grimsby, switched their calendar to eight-week terms with two-week holidays in between. Out went the long terms and half-term holidays and the summer break was cut to a month.

"By the end of the summer term, pupils and teachers were less fraught and tired than usual. We were all able to give more for longer," said the head. "The new structure of th year is terrific.

"We can plan the year logically in eight-week blocks, knowing exactly how long the term is each time.

"It is wonderful to have a fortnight of recovery every eight weeks too," said Mr Beel, who added that the new five-term system is popular with the whole school.

Mr Beel said also anticipates less learning loss over the summer holidays than in previous years, when his pupils return to school on Monday.

Mr Beel did not report any problems arising when Woodlands children remained in class, while their siblings at other schools were on holiday. There were no dips in attendance during that time, he said.

The Woodlands pilot is now being extended for another two years.

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