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Primary mission impossible

Stephen Twigg's letter (TES, February 25) on funding for planning, preparation and assessment time is a masterpiece of assertiveness triumphing over facts. His support for every school in the country will not produce the extra funding that primary schools need.

My own local education authority, the second-most poorly funded in England, is superb and passes on to schools all, and more, of what it receives from the Government. Heads are once again being asked to achieve the impossible with the invisible.

The range of government funding for LEAs is an insult to headteachers struggling to implement the workload agreement. Why is it that an average primary pupil is worth only approximately 77 per cent of an average secondary pupil? The difference in my LEA is pound;689. If the difference were to be only halved it would generate an astounding additional pound;132,096 for my 384-pupil primary school.

Roger Jackson

Huntington primary

North Moor Road



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