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Primary paeon

In the course of my work as a freelance researcher for the BBC I try to keep abreast of as many journals and publications as possible.

I was therefore delighted to learn about the Primary and Pre-school section that you have recently started. It is excellent in both format and content and thoroughly worthy of a journal in its own right. The world of education is such a mammoth field and the importance of primary education is sometimes overlooked, I feel, and it is now good to know that there is a readily accessible section to dive for without having to wade through reams of news and adverts - not that that does not have its place of course.

The TES is an excellent journal but the Primary and Pre-school section has given it added poignancy - it is a credit to you and the editorial team who have made it possible.

HILARY ROBINSON Lumby Grange Cass Lane South Milford North Yorkshire

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