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Primary plea

Josephine Gardiner reports that higher education candidates are being advised to submit applications for popular institutions well in advance of the Universities and College Admissions Service deadline (TES, September 29).

Can I add primary teacher education to that list?

Although, as you indicate, 86,000 extra primary pupils have entered the education system and pupil:teacher ratios are deteriorating significantly, the number of places for prospective entrants into primary teaching is scheduled to fall by a further 10.4 per cent (from 12,115 to 10,855) in 1996-97, in accordance with current Department for Education and Employment policy.

Graduates and final-year undergraduates should also note that, in my institution at least, demand for places on primary post-graduate certificate in education programmes is particularly strong and courses are often full by Christmas.

JOHN CATER Chief executive Edge Hill College St Helens Road Ormskirk Lancashire

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