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TR PRIMARY SCHOOL REPORTING SYSTEM. pound;100 for three user licences; pound;125 for five; additional users pound;35 each. T-Rex Supplies and Publications. 38 Beechwood Drive, Glasgow G11 7EX tel 0141 402 9147.

Each local authority has its own method of reporting, but an easy to use computer system created by a Scottish primary school teacher was demonstrated at last month's Education Resources Scotland show in Glasgow.

The software can be adapted and personalised to suit each school; then teachers simly to click and type into a landscape- or portrait-shaped report. Class lists can link to national test grades and can be upgraded throughout the year. Teachers can call up profiles of a child's behaviour or work in any subject.

The program has been running for four years at Newmains Primary in Renfrew, where creator Margaret Irving used to teach. Headteacher Aileen Mitchell says she has found it "very useful. Parents accept it very well, because you get a lot more information in."

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